Friday, August 18, 2006

The Shrug

I last posted on the shrug on July 13, and it's really coming along. I had to change to size 15 needles, the 10-1/2s were not giving me guage. It's much looser and nicer now.

The recycled sari silk and the purple mohair are knitting up quite nicely. The ribbing is done with pink angora goat wool, and the purple mohair.

As you can see below, I have completed all the pieces except the second sleeve. When that's finished, I can sew it together, and then another 5 inches of ribbing gets knit all around the front, neck and back.

It's exciting to see this project develop. I have no way of knowing if I'm going to like this on my body until it's finished, but I am enjoying the process. It will either be a great favorite or an utter failure.

If if fails, I can always frog it and try again, I guess!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Lark in the Morning

I haven't had a moment to blog since we got back. We had a great time at Lark. I want to share some choice photos with you.

Here's my new fiddle teacher! Ok, I added the ears. This photo just looked too much like a faun in the forest NOT to! His name is Chris Knepper, and he's an entertaining character who can teach. Exactly what I need. And he lives in Oakland! So, as soon as I'm ready to switch my focus to my fiddle playing (right now I'm taking singing lessons), I will contact him. I went to 7 days of his classes at Lark, and while he's no Athena O'Lochlainn, he has enough of her style that I know I can learn from him. I'm looking forward to it.

Jaya and I camped in a two person tent, which I thought was quite large when I was setting it up. Once inside though, there was room for our mattress, and our duffels, and maybe a foot to spare.
Shay, on the other hand, brought a CONDO. This tent has ROOMS. It took him all day to set up, but he lived in comfort for the rest of the week.
He even had a back door. I have tent envy. But I don't envy all the setting up and packing up this must have involved!

Kim Hughes' Scottish Mouth Music Class
I have taken Pam Swan's mouth music in two previous Lark camp years. Kim filled in for Pam this year, and it was really interesting getting further into the Scottish area. Kim is the only person in the world who has a PhD in diddling.

Danny Carnahan's Songwriting Class

I didn't expect to take this class, but I was walking by and it just sucked me in. I haven't written a complete song yet, but I got a good start. The song I started hit a chord with me, as these things can, and I am really curious to know what it will turn into.

Danny kept saying how he was blown away by all the things coming out of this group. I feel privileged to be a part of it.

Shay Black's Expanding Your Repertoire and Songs of the Sea and More
I spent two hours each day with Shay Black, and I now have 36 new songs to learn! Most of them were new. This class was a pleasure to attend, I got to listen to Shay's arresting voice, and to sing! Singing was the focus for me this Lark.

Larry Sawyer's Tango Class
Jaya and I took the Argentine Tango class together over in Camp 2. After the week we were feeling pretty comfortable with each other on the dance floor. Now we have to get back to our lessons in Oakland so we won't forget!