Sunday, October 07, 2007

The October Push

Today I'm driving down to San Leandro. I'll meet Jaya there (he's been in Livermore for a black belt convention this weekend) and we'll do music with friends in the afternoon, and go to the Starry Plough for session in the evening (to see the video in this link, click 'Media' and then 'Video'). We'll stay over with our friends Joyce and Jim Newport. Then Monday, Jaya will go to work in Benicia, and go home after. I'll go to work in Berkeley, and stay over with Joyce... probably for the week.

We are down to the final stretch with book and magazine deadlines, and WE AREN'T DONE WRITING YET. It is very scary. I just have to believe we will get it all done, and I'll have time to put everything together.

I spent Saturday working on the magazine, which is only a reprint, but it still must be attended to. It feels like I have a good handle on it, now. A few more tweaks, then I can make the PDF files for the printer.

Jan is getting me the writups and rewrites as she finishes them, but there are still outstanding proofs. We're working on it, but.... whew.

So I'll probably be staying down in the bay area until all this is done. Hopefully I'll get to come home on weekends for conjugal visits. Hopefully. I'm not promising.

We are having our off season meetings the week of October 22. And we are scheduled for a spa day on the 24th. I'm supposed to get a 'red flowers massage' which I will REALLY deserve after all this!!! But I would so like to be finished before I get it, and I'm not sure that will happen at the rate we're going.

Look for me to resurface sometime in November.