Wednesday, July 04, 2007

New and old projects


I have completed two swatches for the Bonita Shirt. I washed the one on the top. It changed gauge. I decided to do another one in the lace pattern, and I'm getting gauge before I wash it. I think I will wash it by hand this time, and hang it to dry, to mimic what will happen to the garment. The first one was washed on delicate in the machine.

I'm using KnitPicks Shine Sport. I LOVE the feel of this yarn.

This is the Intricate Stag Bag pattern from Knitting Daily. Instead of a bag, I'm going to make a pillow. I don't need another bag. I'll have to modify the size just a bit. I'm using Wool of the Andes I had leftover from my Felted Entrelac Tote project. I didn't actually use those colors in that bag, I had purchased more colors than I used, just in case.

The Widdershins socks for Andrew are still coming along. I want to knit until I have no more yarn, so they will be rather long. He can always fold them down.


I went to the fabric store last weekend. They were having a fourth of July sale. I bought fabric for some drawstring pants in the Folkwear Sarouelles pattern. I think I am going to make the African version, but I guess I COULD make all three if I wanted. I think the fabric I got lends itself to the african version, though.

And the belly dancing costume is becoming more real. I bought fabric for the choli (kind of a short, open backed shirt) and pantaloons, and this wonderful veil stuff that is very UN-tribal, but so cool I couldn't resist it. It's sheer, and black, but shines purplish and teal on the edges.

I also bought coins to make a bra. Rather, to sew on a bra. I went to Cost Less Beads in Berkeley yesterday, and, while the store has changed, they still carry the materials I wanted. I got some antique copper coins, chain and a scarab piece.